Abu Tor

Abu Tor (Arabic: أبو طور or الثوري‎ , Hebrew: אבו תור‎) (lit. “Father of the Bull”) is a neighborhood in central Jerusalem, Israel, south of the Old City. Abu Tor is bounded by the Valley of Hinnom on the north, Hebron Road and the old Jerusalem Railway Station to the west, and the Sherover Promenade, Armon Hanatziv and Peace Forest to the south.[1]
The neighborhood is located high on Abu Tor Hill at the height of 777 m above sea level with view from three directions. North you have the views of the Old City and the old city walls, Temple Mount mosques, Mount Zion Ochnesiutio; East reflected from Silwan neighborhood, views of the Judean Desert, the red and the Moab Mountains; South views are Government House, Haas & Sherover Promenade and East Talpiot neighborhood. The neighborhood is now a luxury neighborhood, where Arab villas next to modern apartment buildings built in the style fits the character of the neighborhood.

The Arabic name Abu Tor may be related to the worship of Ba’al, a god who assumed the form of a bull.[2] The official Hebrew name of the neighborhood is Givat Hananya (“Hananya’s Hill”).[2]

In the Medieval the neighborhood appears to be called “Mount Gihon” (in English Gihon Council; French Mons Gihon) the name of the Gihon Spring is due east of the hill, in the Kidron Valley.
The name “Hanania Hill” set in the 1st decade of Israel as a state, July 1958, in determining the new names for neighborhoods of Jerusalem. The source of the name- Hanania is from the high priest during the Second Temple, his summer house, according to estimates, was standing on the hilltop neighborhood. According to Josephus (Wars of the Jews God, XII, B) Hanania also buried at the top of the hill, but his tomb has not been identified even until today.

The area consists of upscale homes made up of old prestigious villas and modern apartments, all built in keeping with the topography of the area. This mature neighborhood has a number of small parks/playgrounds; the streets are lined with trees while hundreds of private gardens flourish.

In truth Abu Tor remains a secluded paradise within easy walking distance to the center of town and spreads out towards the quiet of the Peace Forest, making it a unique and sought after section of Jerusalem.
Many journalists and United Nations employees live there.[4] While the Jewish section of Abu Tor is predominantly secular, the neighborhood has two synagogues – Har Refaim Synagogue for Ashkenazi Jews on Nachshon Street,[5] and Shalom V’Achva Synagogue for Sephardi Jews.
The Neighborhood consists of about 400 families. The neighborhood’s western side also has an exclusive area where a higher standard of living in Arab houses and modern renovated modern luxury homes built in the 80s ‘and 90s’. due to the rapid development of Abu Tor, the neighborhood has nice apartment houses, tiled roofs and gardens properly. Life of recreation and leisure are adjacent neighborhoods.


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